Why is needed to get full match previews

Injuries and Suspensions

Information about injured and suspended players is the most important aspect, which is really important to know for correct match result prediction.
If any really good team has many injured or suspended players it can be a big blow for them. So outsider chances are high.

injuries and suspensions

Who are injured and suspended players?

It is good to know who is injured and suspended, but you need to know also the fact how much is the player important for the team.
Is the player key for the team or just back-up? How many matches they played, how many goals they scored. Is the player playmaker? So how many assists players have?

How long the suspended and injured players missing?

Good to know who is injured, how important he is, but also...
How long the injured or suspended players missing?
Are they missing a long time but a team is winning still? Then they are not so important and can be replaced.
Would they miss the game at the start of the season but they are key for the club? It would be a really big blow for them.

Is there also missed anyone else?

There is no just injury or suspension reason to missing in the match.
Players can not play also for another reason.
Example for loan club agreement or if the player is rested for the important match.
In many cases are really important players, which is really good to know before the game. Big possibility to play with just reserve players.

Who will be back after injury or suspension?

As important as the list of injured and suspended players is information who will be back after the missing.
Just to know if the player is back is unuseful, you must know how many matches he missed. And how the team played without him.
Did play team without this injured or suspended player band? Would be a big boost if this player is back in the squad?

If anyone injured or suspended who will replace?

This is a really important factor.
If players which missing are really important is there a quality replacement? Who will cover this position?
That is the good reason to know.

You need to know more

Did you read this article? Than you understand that is really important to know much information about players if you want to think to predict matches seriously.
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